Many individuals are confused about health care as it exists today. Most newspapers, television and websites focus on health care reform and its overall impact on the economy, health care delivery and the 46 million uninsured.  Employees with health insurance and the self employed are also interested in the care they receive now, how it can be maximized, and ideas for the care of family members.  Employers, financial services firms and advisers should consider adding health care articles to client and employee publications to address concerns and deepen client relationships. For additional information describing articles and publications, take advantage of these helpful resources:

Health Care and the Small Business Owner 
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have a significant impact on the small business owners. Women now represent 30% of these small business owners and is the fastest growing segment of the market. Authored by Ellen Breslow for Women and Co., this article offers an overview of these health care provisions.
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HSAs vs FSAs: Which is Best for My Family?
As companies move towards high deductible health insurance plans, health care will continue to become more self directed. The ability to pay unreimbursed expenses with pretax dollars will increase in popularity and the differences between Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) more important in the selection of health insurance. This article written by Ellen Breslow for Citibank’s Women and Co. is an easy-to understand comparison of HSAs and FSAs.
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Health Planning Absent from Wealth Management Platforms
A Letter to the Editor to Investment News Daily submitted by Ellen Breslow speaks to the lack of health care planning offered by wealth managers. It also stresses the importance of incorporating health care expenses into financial plans. The letter also discussed HSAs, which was the focus of the Investment News Daily article.
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The Health Care Survival Guide

This guide is a comprehensive look at COBRA, cost cutting strategies, and the best way to get prescription drugs at a discount, to name just a few important cost saving options.  The book is authored by Martin Rosen and Abbie Leibowitz, cofounders of Health Advocate, Inc., the nation’s largest independent healthcare advocacy company. Ellen Breslow assisted in adding financial components and editing the book.
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News Alerts

Employees and clients are concerned about health care today and how proposed health care reform will impact them. Often media sources misstate or use terminology not readily understood by most individuals. Placing news alerts on a website is an excellent way to reach employees and clients.
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