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Don’t Feel Well? Need Blood Drawn? See the Nurse at Work!

On many occasions, employees don’t feel well. What often happens is that those employees may be ill early in the day, and end up going home. After that who knows? A doctor’s visit, prescriptions, other tests, more time away from the office. Large employers are addressing this and other health care services through on site health clinics staffed by medical professionals.

How would an onsite clinic assist this employee? A cold or flu symptoms will most frequently be treated by a nurse or PNP.  Over the counter medications are easily dispensed, and PNPs are able to prescribe medications. If physicians are a part of the program on site, they can also see employees. In a smaller clinic, physicians are often “on call” to offer assistance, having been vetted  thoroughly by the employer or an outside entity. The idea of an onsite clinic is to reduce health care costs for employees and at the same time limit sick days. The clinic is usually an employee benefit at no cost to the employee or, at the very least, considerably less expensive that the cost of a regular physician’s visit. An onsite clinic can also reduce the overall health insurance expense for the employer through fewer employee claims.

Clinics frequently offer other services, too. Many chronic conditions require that blood be drawn regularly, and with a physician’s prescription, nurses are able to provide that service. Some clinics offer immunizations that may be both difficult to find and significantly more expensive in a doctor’s office. In addition to other routine health care services, larger clinics will usually offer an extensive array of services such as skin cancer screenings, mammograms and routine gynecological exams.

Many businesses without a health care presence on site are exploring the possibility of establishing a health center. Large employers who have a clinic are looking at expanding what is available to employees. This benefit will become more valuable to both employers and employees in 2014 when universal health care will be a reality.

Explore the advantages of an onsite health center. For additional information, contact EAB HealthWorks.