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Trumpcare: What is it and When Will We See it?

Maybe later than you think and it’s evolving.  President-elect Trump has promised that he’ll ask Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Day One of his administration. Can he really do that on Day One? Even with a Republican House and Senate is that possible?

Not exactly. Not much is likely to change in 2017. The ACA is a complicated law with many moving parts. If the Republicans attempt outright to repeal the law, the Democrats have enough votes to filibuster that move. The Congress may opt to use the budget procedure called reconciliation that allows revenue-related changes, for example eliminating premium tax credits, with a simple majority vote. That process, however, could take months. So if you’re shopping for health insurance on an exchange, stay the course.

No final decisions have been made about what stays and what goes. In an interview on “Sixty Minutes”, President-elect Trump indicated that he would like to keep some provisions of the ACA. Specifically, he mentioned the ability for parents to cover adult children under their health insurance until age 26 and keep the system by which people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage. Trump did not elaborate on how these provisions would be maintained.

Congressional Republicans have given a general idea of some parts of the ACA that may be repealed. Some of these include the individual mandate whereby IRS fines are imposed for not obtaining coverage, mandates on employers to cover workers and limits on what insurers can charge older consumers. Other provisions, such as and other online exchanges may be also be repealed.


The stays and goes of the ACA are fluid. Keep track of your own healthcare and stay in touch.