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Women’s Health without ACA: Better? Unlikely.

In a matter of days, the Supreme Court will render its verdict on ACA. Will it be all, nothing, or somewhere in between? It’s easy to find justification for any of the three outcomes in the media. There seems no one way that is uniformly better than the other two.

Significant media coverage on the ACA’s provisions and the requirement that contraception be included has become the focal point of women’s health care. While the availability of contraception represents a key component of the act, other important provisions have been sidelined. Many women are unfamiliar with what may be offered if ACA becomes law; it’s worth the time to review some of the details that have gone unnoticed.

Many women are participants in small business health care plans or individual health insurance coverage which most often exclude maternity care. Many of these state plans offer limited, if any, benefits for mammograms and other preventative services. ACA would mandate that plans include maternity benefits and preventative services by 2014. Without this provision, women will be left to the whim of the insurance companies to fund this care.

There is a considerable difference in premiums across insurance companies for women and men. In addition, health insurance costs can differ for a woman across providers. Comparable premiums for a man versus a woman of the same age are most often substantially higher for a woman. According to the National Women’s Law Center, there are already 14 states that have already prohibited insurance companies from charging women more than men for similar coverage. ACA would require all states to implement this rule. This is a significant part of ACA, and will certainly benefit many women.

The health reform countdown is here. Stay informed–It’s important!

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