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Your Tuition Dollars at Work: Health Insurance

Sticker shock. That’s what many parents are feeling when they open an email to find that their child’s annual college tuition is over $60,000 annually. And it’s not just a handful of schools. Tuition and expenses have exceeded the $60,000 for the 2014-15 school year at many private colleges and universities. Is health care a line item on this invoice? Should you be looking at a college health insurance plan? Is it mandatory?

According to most recent studies, more than 3 million young adults under age 26 have remained or rejoined their parents’ employer sponsored health insurance plans. That has been, and continues to be,an attractive option for manycollege students. If a student is going to school in a different state, however, it’s important to contact the insurance company to make sure there is a network provider near campus. Large insurers often have networks in other states, but parents should check with their plan.

If your college or university offers a student health insurance plan, you may find that it is automatically added to the tuition bill. This does not mean THAT insurance is mandatory, but student health insurance is.Before selecting a college health insurance plan, parents should look at the level of coverage. Often college plans have more limited coverage than employer sponsored coverage. If a student elects to stay on a parent’s plan, the parent must sign a waiver and provide the coverage information to the college or university. The waiver will remove the health insurance charge from the tuition bill. Otherwise, the charge will remain on your tuition bill!

Health insurance may be near the bottom of your student’s college concerns, but it should be at the top of yours. Be sure to review your student’s coverage before he (or she) leaves at the end of the summer. It may trim your tuition bill and allay at least some of your worries.

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