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Can You Solve a Healthcare KenKen?

Kenken puzzles, mathematical brain teasers, are usually published next to the crossword puzzle in most daily newspapers. While they are popular with some individuals, others are unfamiliar with the steps involved in working out the solutions to a KenKen. The same is true for Medicare and Health Insurance KenKens.

The various components of Medicare — Parts A, B, C and D to name a few — would certainly confuse a good number of KenKen fans. Given the sheer quantity of two, three and four letter abbreviations, solving a Medicare KenKen would represent a challenge to even the most skilled problem solver. Here are a few of the possible clues that may intersect and would require knowledge of Medicare:

HHC — home health care
PDP — Medicare prescription plan
QMB — Qualified Medicare beneficiary
SSI — Social Security Income Benefits
PFFS — Medicare Private Fee for Service
SNF — Skilled Nursery Facility

While aficionados may think that the Health Insurance Kenkens will be somewhat easier to solve, the significant number of abbreviations will exist. Although expertise in the Medicare KenKen may help, there are more possible configurations therefore health insurance proficiency is important to mastering these KenKens. Consider these clues:

MAA — Maximum Allowable Amount
CDHP — Consumer Driven Health Plan
DME — Durable Medical Equipment
TIER — Drug Formulary
HDHP — High Deductible Health Plan
HRA — Health Reimbursement Account

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